Oxalic Acid Dihydrate

  • Mar 20, 2022

Oxalic Acid Dihydrate. Product name oxalic acid dihydrate. Oxalic acid is an organic acid with the iupac name ethanedioic acid and formula ho2c−co2h.

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C 2 h 6 o 6. Keep container tightly closed dispose of contents and container to an approved waste disposal plant combustible dust hazard: Possibly some sort of inert carrier or stuff to prevent clumping.

This Produces Explosive Silver Oxalate.

Oxalic acid dihydrate, formic acid. The original acros organics product / item code or sku reference has not changed as a part of the brand transition to thermo scientific. It is also a precipitating agent in rare earth mineral processing, a bleaching agent in textile activities, it is used in wood bleaching, as a rust remover, a grinding agent (such as marble polishing) and used for wastewater treatment, which involves removing calcium from the water.

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Attacks some forms of plastic. Room temperature in continental us; Oxalic acid dihydrate for synthesis.

The Anhydrous Substance Is A White, Crystalline Powder, Which Is Moderately Soluble In Water.

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Germany catalogue number 100495 packing : The purity of dihydrate ranges from 99.5% to 100%, and it is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and rare earth sampling. Incompatible with bases, acid chlorides, steel, silver,silver compounds, moisture.

1.65 G/Ml Alfa Aesar A13866, 33262.

This generates fire and explosion hazard. Possibly some sort of inert carrier or stuff to prevent clumping. Sparingly soluble in ether alfa aesar 33262.